The gates close every evening at approximately 7:00 PM and reopen at 6:00 AM (in time for paper delivery, school buses, etc.).  Local emergency services have special codes for 24-hour access.

New residents should receive two (2) remote control gate openers from the previous homeowner.  New residents should provide name, phone number and address to Hamp Vining (contact info below) to be added to the front gate directory and to receive a five-digit entry code, specifically assigned to their home (this is changed each time home ownership changes; if you receive the old code from the previous homeowner, also provide that to Hamp to be changed).  This code is for gate entry without the remote controls.  Additional or replacement remotes with programming are available only through WPOA for a fee. NOTE: If you sell your home, please leave the remotes (and club keys) for the new owner.

Please do not share your assigned entry code with other people.  The gates are in place for the security of the whole neighborhood. With advance notice, you can be assigned a temporary code for parties in your home or at the clubhouse. Do not post this code at the gate.

Entry is also possible through the control box at the gate.  Visitors, guests, pizza delivery, etc. can scroll a list of all residents to find your name and a three-digit telephone code.  When this special number is dialed at the control box, your home phone will ring to allow guests to voice identify themselves through the gate speaker system.  By simply pressing “9” on your touch-tone phone, you can then open the gate.  You will hear a buzzing or beeping sound through your phone to indicate the gate is opening

If you have any questions or problems regarding the front gates, or if you need a new remote, please contact Hamp Vining (650-9335 / ).