Clubhouse is available to any Wexford property owner in good standing (association dues paid to date and in compliance with the Wexford Covenants).  The Clubhouse is maintained by the Wexford Property Owners Association (WPOA) and is a great place for property owners to have social functions and meetings.  The following is to assist a property owner in reserving, using, and cleaning the Clubhouse.


With advance reservations, Wexford residents may use the clubhouse for private parties and events (pool not included)  at least 24 hours in advance by contacting a member of the clubhouse committee. A max limit of five (5) times per year, past by the Board in 2009, any additional requests for Clubhouse reservations must be submitted to and approved by the WPOA Board of Directors. Please note that the pool and patio are not included with the Clubhouse reservation.  However, the patio is available when the pool is closed for the season.Prior to picking up the key, the property owner must initial, having read the rules (included below), make a $50 (refundable) deposit, and sign an agreement accepting responsibility for themselves and their guests during the use of the Clubhouse.

The Clubhouse should always be kept clean and presentable.  If the Clubhouse is not clean when the key is picked up, please notify a member of the clubhouse committee immediately.


  • Breaking any of the rules (below) may cause the suspension of reservations of the Clubhouse.
  • The property owner must be present at the function at all times.
  • Music and/or loud noises must be confined within the Clubhouse by 10:30 PM.  (Confined meaning noise/music cannot be heard from outside the Clubhouse).  At other times, please exercise good judgment with regard to the volume of music being played outside as the Clubhouse is in close proximity to other houses in the neighborhood.
  • The Clubhouse must be vacated no later than 12:30 AM. Exceptions to this rule may be granted by the WPOA board in writing.
  • The Clubhouse is not to be used for functions that are “for profit” in nature, such as business meetings or sales functions.
  • Functions are to be limited to 40 persons unless the WPOA Board approves an exception in writing.
  • Use of the fireplace is prohibited.
  • Pets and smoking are not allowed in the Clubhouse.


The WPOA Board is responsible for furnishing cleaning equipment and cleaning products (paper towels, cleansers, etc.); these are stored in the kitchen cabinets, please use them.  If you use up a product, please let Jill Gunn know what needs to be replaced.  A check-list is used to ensure the clubhouse is returned to a clean and presentable state.  The checklist includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Cleaning the entire inside of the Clubhouse, i.e., the kitchen area, the party area and the bathrooms, which include the sinks, the trash containers, commodes and the patio area (if used).
  • Trash or litter must be removed from the kitchen, bathrooms and inside/outside party and parking areas.  The Clubhouse trash dumpster is located outside in the swimming pool parking area, just off the kitchen.
  • Returning all furniture to its original location(s)
  • Locking all doors
  • Turning all lights off
  • Returning the heat and air settings to normal (Summer 84 deg. F. – Winter 52 deg F)

The deposit will be forfeited if the Clubhouse is not cleaned completely and the key is not returned within 24 hours after the function.  The property owner and a Clubhouse Committee Member will inspect the Clubhouse premises to verify that they have been left clean and in satisfactory condition.  The property owner’s $50.00 deposit will then be returned in exchange for the key.